Quinevère Shopper vegan leather handbags

ethical, plant-based and cruelty free leather handbag

Quinevère white clothes taupe vegan leather shopping handbags

Thoughtfully designed

Vegan leather


At Quinevère we design vegan leather handbags for environmental aware women. We are proud that all our bags and accessories are made of Italian Peta-approved vegan leather.

The vegan leather we use is made of biodegradable materials including apple waste! Our #1 goals is to design bags that are made of animal friendly materials and still having the luxurious, long-lasting look and feel. Click the button below to learn more about our mission.

The New Collection


Timeless designs

At Quinevère we believe that style and luxury doesn’t need to be sacrificed when a bag isn’t made of real leather.
We approach the business in a way that is ethical and good for our environment. We chose to design vegan leather handbags.

Please click the button below to learn more about our vegan leather handbags and our sustainable choices.


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    Why Apple Leather Bags?

    Are you looking for a statement that you can feel good about? Vegan Apple leather bags of Quinevère are the perfect choice for those looking for a stylish and ethical alternative to traditional leather bags.
    All our vegan apple leather bags have timeless long lasting designs and are environmentally friendly.
    The apple leather we use has a luxurious look and feel that is comparable to traditional leather.

    By choosing a vegan apple leather bag, you are making a conscious decision to abstain from using animal products and supporting a more sustainable lifestyle.