“Why would we still use animal leather when we are able to make vegan leather 

through technological developments, that is just as beautiful as real leather?"
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The apple leather we use is made from approximately 45% apple peel and 55% polyurethane and is coated onto a cotton/polyester canvas. When producing apple leather, the CO2 impact is reduced significantly compared to faux leather which is made from 100% fossil fuels. That is one of the most important aspects of using the apple waste. It is a completely renewable resource!

Besides that, the repurposing of this apple peel (waste) also keeps them from decomposing and producing methane that contributes to climate change. 



We use gold plated hardware to acquire the most elegant look for our items. High quality zipper closures and invisible magnetic snap closures are used to keep your possessions safe.



The lining of our products is made of vegan microfiber. It is a durable and strong material that has the looks and feel of suede. The diameter of a microfiber is ten times thinner than a human hair. That is why microfiber fabric feels very luxurious.

quinevere sustainability wallet hardware
Quinevère Zip-Around Wallet Box Giftbag



With all our vegan leather goods you will receive a luxury box with velvety soft lining to store and keep your bag, wallet or other precious items.
To keep your timeless bag in its best condition, we include a dust bag to prevent discoloration from the sun and to keep your bag dust free.

Vegan apple leather,
made in Italy.

The vegan leather we use is made through technological innovations using organic apple peel. It is a bio based vegan material derived from organic apples grown in the Italian alps. Northern Italy is famous for their apples, fruit juice and compote industry. When these organic apples are pressed for their juice, there are solids leftovers. This waste si dried, then crushed into a fine powder and mixed with harmless, non-toxic, organic pigment. 

This process transforms into Peta-approved, bio-based vegan leather. An eco-friendly alternative to real leather. So why should we still use animal leather when we are able to make vegan leather through technological developments, that is just as beautful as real leather?