Our mission is to make timeless vegan designer bags for environmental aware women.

Because you shouldn't sacrifice personal style for a more sustainable lifestyle.

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How it started

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After working for years in finance at different sustainable companies and having a big love for animals and fashion, Evy Tempelaars, Founder and CEO of Quinevère, knew that fashion could be cruelty-free, sustainable, and elegant all together. After talking to Professor Daniel Ku, specialized in sustainability at the university of Taipei and Beijing, she realized she wanted to combine her two biggest passions together: Fashion and sustainability. They partnered up in 2017 and started their research for what they thought would be the best vegan leather available on the market and aligned with our mission. The material had to be environmentally friendly and having the luxurious, long-lasting look and feel. That’s how we end up using the bio-based vegan apple leather.

After spending time creating timeless and luxurious designs, choosing the best vegan materials, and finding the right atelier for the production, Evy started Quinevère in 2021. 


During their research they found a company in the northern part of Italy that made vegan leather of apple waste. Northern Italy is famous for their apple, fruit juice and compote industry. When these organic apples are pressed for their juice, there are solids left overs. This waste is dried and crushed into a fine powder and mixed with harmless, non-toxic, organic pigment. This transforms into Peta-approved, bio-based leather. An eco-friendly alternative to leather.

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For the production we chose a small atelier in Guangdong in China. Guangdong is mostly known for their technological developments but also known for their fashion industry. Some people name it the ‘Florence of China’. We chose to work with this atelier because the experienced craftsmen pay great attention to quality, stitching and the finishing of the bags. It is a smaller atelier so we can keep a good relationship with the owner of the company and have good insights of the manufacturing process. 



Apple leather is made from approximately 45% apple peel and 55% polyurethane, coated onto a cotton/polyester canvas.
Producing apple leather, the CO2 impact is reduced significantly compared to faux leather made from 100% fossil fuels. Thats one of the most important aspects of using the apple waste. It is a completely renewable resource. The repurposing of apple peel also keeps the apple waste from decomposing and producing methane that contributes to climate change.

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Some Facts


The production process reduces greenhouse gases and the environmental impact


The apple leather is developed in response to the local issues of apple-waste. They reuse the apple peel


0Apple leather production recycles water and non-toxic chemicals 

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At Quinevère, we believe that affordable designer bags can be manufactured with less impact on the climate, good working conditions for the employees and without hurting animals. We hope to inspire all woman how easy and nice it is to look incredible by wearing vegan fashion.


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